GIMP: Can I have my MFA now?

An animated gif of a cat walking up right like a human.I taught myself to make an animated gif in GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program) today. I followed the brief tutorial at eLearnHub. GIMP is a great open source replacement for Photoshop. In fact there is a version that is set up a little more like photoshop called GIMPShop that has the menus placed in an arrangement more familiar to Adobe users. Both sites have extensive tutorials for pretty much anything an instructional designer. instructor, or artist would like to do with GIMP or GIMPShop. Animated gifs can be used in tutorials and demonstrations – anything that would benefit from a brief animated example. I pulled the images of the cat walking from a selection from a 1963 book called “Animated Movie and TV Cartooning (“magic-animator“) by Paul Robinson. This is from a series of publications called the “Cartoonists Exchange Post Graduate Course.” I clipped the cat pictures out of the PDF using Jing which I have been using for years as an image/screen capture utility to build tutorials. Okay, I think I have proved my artistic chops. I am ready for my Honorary Degree…


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