ds106: What have you done for me philately?

Okay, I am in The Village in the post office as the philatelist and I decided to take a closer look at how stamps are created. I was blown away by Zazzle and other programs where you can upload images and actually create stamps! These are accepted by the US Post Office! I have many questions: can I make a porno stamp? a Hitler stamp? an ISUL stamp? Who screens these things? How did that person get stuck doing that job? Can I violate my own HIPAA rights and make stamps of my teeth x-rays? But enough of that: Questions are a burden to others. Now, I still need to make stamps for local delivery here in The Village because we do not accept in-coming or out going foreign mail. But in the mean time, I created this actual, useable stamp at Zazzle:


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2 Responses to ds106: What have you done for me philately?

  1. Who would have thunk?

    Love the design. Also I like the yellow – different from the red and black….are you sure that meets conformity?

    You are not a number…..

  2. No way…you can actually use those stamps? How cool! And I love your design. Questions are a burden, indeed. To others, but to oneself? Hmmmmm…

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