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MOOCs and Other Four-Legged Chickens

I have just moved to Humboldt State University. The college is fairly rural but we get a lot of folks from urban areas. I over heard a very interesting conversation between some students in the cafeteria.  One of them was … Continue reading

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What Part of MOOC Don’t You Understand?

Stephen Downes (Photo credit: WordShore) Educators who have not taken a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) and do not understand their history, are currently writing about these courses which is causing them to be inaccurately represented in the press. The … Continue reading

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MOOCs and Connectivist Instructional Design

George Siemens (Photo credit: heloukee) I am very interested in the instructional design of MOOCs. While I was working at Tacoma Community College, I co-taught a course called “Health Information Management 101.” The purpose of the course was to introduce … Continue reading

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Keeping Open Education Resources Open

 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) What does the “open” in “open education resources” mean? What it should mean is free to reuse, remix and share. If your open education resources are locked up with a proprietary platform, they are no longer open. … Continue reading

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Nine Essential MOOC Links

George Siemens at TEDxNYED. (Wikipedia) A few of us from today’s NGLC presentation “MOOCs: open online courses as levers for change in higher education” by George Siemens on MOOCs were passing around a few URLs, and I thought it would … Continue reading

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The Real Trouble With Online Education

E-learning ( London College of Fashion) An editorial piece in the New York Times on July 19th by Mark Edmundson attempts to tell us about “The Trouble with Online Education.” Despite the fact that the author does not appear to have … Continue reading

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Why MOOCs Work

Jim Groom as Edupunk (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I have been reading articles lately written by educators who have not participated in MOOCs but nonetheless seem to have some pretty strong opinions about them such as the “What’s the Matter With MOOCs” … Continue reading

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Connectivism and Agile Software Development

Image by sjcockell via FlickrAs a director of distance education, I often have multiple projects going on: some with the in-house team or with others at a distance in grant projects. I have been researching how projects get done for … Continue reading

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Open Learning and the Next Generation LMS

Image by moqub via FlickrWe have been talking at work about what the next generation of LMSs (learning management systems) should look like. In the education blog world, LMSs are considered pretty old fashioned because they tend to be proprietary … Continue reading

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3 Reasons Why OERs are Better Than “Free”

I see a lot of emails, Tweets, and blog postings that include free materials from both corporations and individuals included in lists of “open education resources” or OERs. I always have to let people know that I am not anti-corporate: … Continue reading

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