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Gad Fly

I understand why TEDx events are kept small. I don’t blame them – there is a lot to be said for the depth of networking that can occur in small scale events. I just get annoyed at the corporate filtering … Continue reading

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In with the new…

Image via Wikipedia I don’t think anyone, Republican or Democrat can be happy with the education system and the costs associated with it. I loved hearing Obama say “…what’s gotten overlooked amid all the hoopla, all the drama of last … Continue reading

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Open Course Library Project

This great interview with Cable Green on OERs and the Open Course Library Project was on It was on their front page for a while and I wanted to post it here to keep it out a little longer … Continue reading

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Open Source University

Here is the other side of the napkin on what I mean by “Open Source University.” Please add (or detract) to this in the comments. I might move this to a wiki as I get rolling: There are no professors … Continue reading

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The Future of Education

This is a first crack at thinking about the “Future of Education” question that George Siemens asked us. It is not a finished thesis but just little old me reading off the back of the napkin. I am pretty passionate … Continue reading

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A Note on Learning Styles

I want it to be clear that I do not think that I have the all the answers about learning styles theory and pedagogy. I wrote about this earlier in the year here. Learning styles theory is an extremely complex … Continue reading

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Curation Science: A note on Ted Talks

Image via Wikipedia Today I spent time listening to the TedxNyED Talks online. I really liked the event. There were a lot of great people gathered together and a lot of good ideas coming out. I recommend all of the … Continue reading

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Stephen Fry on Technology and Change

I have been checking out the BBC interviews on technology from the series called “The Virtual Revolution.” Stephen Fry talks about how the driving force behind all the technological change isn’t the technology but the inherent human will to connect. … Continue reading

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