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What AI Is and Isn’t

I think there is a lot of paranoia about Artificial Intelligence. Some of it is warranted but not for the reasons many would suspect. On Twitter, for instance, Elon Musk speculated that an AI system could choose to start a … Continue reading

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Making Connections with Afghanistan in Kent

We had Emily Campbell’s ESOL class join my class today to discuss Afghanistan. I had a serendipitous meeting that took all of four minutes in the copy room – I mentioned that my students were working on a paper about … Continue reading

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Translating the Voynich Manuscript and Other AI Puzzles

There are a number of silly stories out there right now about Artificial Intelligence. None more silly than AI translating the unintelligible Voynich Manuscript (such as the one in News Week). The Voynich Manuscript is from 15th cent. and is … Continue reading

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