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mLearning Initiatives at Humboldt State University

This just in from Morgan Barker, an instructional designer at Humboldt State: Hello Staff & Faculty, I would like to personally invite you to campus sessions centered around the topic of mobile learning. The eLearning department will be holding a … Continue reading

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Using a Blog-Based Environment to Support a Community of Learners

Presentation notes for: “Using a Blog-Based Environment to Support a Community of Learners”Institute for Student Success, Humboldt State UniversityPresenters: Daniel Fiore, Riley Quarles, Claire Knox, and Child Development Faculty Riley introduced everyone by saying that the network of blogs (WordPress) … Continue reading

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Some Notes on Connectivism and Peer Review

A social network diagram (Wikipedia) I have been looking at social constructivism and the social generation of knowledge over the last week. I am interested in this line of thought because I feel that for us to really get a … Continue reading

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The Japanese Earthquake: New Roles for Social Media

Image via WikipediaI think we should all be getting now how important social media has become in politics (Iran, Egypt, Tunisia, Wisconsin, etc.) and in natural disasters such as Haiti and now with Japan. The earthquake and tsunami are terrible disasters … Continue reading

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Student Privacy and Facebook

Image via WikipediaThe Student PIRGs has come out with a guide for controlling your information on Facebook. This has come at a really good time because College of the Redwoods is expanding its presence on Facebook and other social networks. … Continue reading

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Ning is Our Wake-Up Call

Ning just recently announced that they will no longer support free sites. I belong to a lot of Ning sites. Ironically, the Open Textbook Advocate Trainers website is a Ning site. That site is (was?) dedicated to open source textbooks. … Continue reading

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12 Free Learning Networks for Students and Academics

Image via Wikipedia The rise of new online technologies has reshaped the way people learn. Print reference sources, though still valuable, are no longer the primary gateway to information. Students and other academics have turned to social networks and collaborative … Continue reading

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Networks in the Rear View Mirror

“The past went that-a-way. When faced with a totally new situation, we tend always to attach ourselves to the objects, to the flavor of the most recent past. We look at the present through a rear view mirror. We march … Continue reading

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