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#Rhizo14: “Cheating” as Learning Modality

I have had to address “cheating” in education is a very real way here at Humboldt State. I have instructors who are new to online learning and that is one of the first things they asked – how do we … Continue reading

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Using a Blog-Based Environment to Support a Community of Learners

Presentation notes for: “Using a Blog-Based Environment to Support a Community of Learners”Institute for Student Success, Humboldt State UniversityPresenters: Daniel Fiore, Riley Quarles, Claire Knox, and Child Development Faculty Riley introduced everyone by saying that the network of blogs (WordPress) … Continue reading

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#Rhizome14: Community as Curriculum

This is my introductory post. I am participating in a MOOC facilitated by Dave Cormier called “Rhizomatic Learning – The Community is the Curriculum.” Dave’s 2008 article “Rhizomatic Education: Community as Curriculum” has informed many of my education projects since … Continue reading

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Social Networks and The Good Way to Do History

Biblioteque Nationale There is a fascinating article by Harvard librarian Robert Darnton in this month’s New York Review of Books called “The Good Way to Do History.” It is a review of Arlette Farge’s book The Allure of the Archives. This … Continue reading

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eLearning 101: Presentation from DET/CHE

I went to the DET/CHE conference in November and I had a presentation that I was going to give. What happened at the conference was interesting. After listening to other presentations and listening to the concerns, fears, and needs of … Continue reading

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