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OERs: Why Commercial Electronic Textbooks Are No Bargain

Earlier this month, there was a posting at the California State Library blog that said that, according to a Dayton College study, the savings for students using electronic textbooks was only a dollar: “Despite the promise that digital textbooks can … Continue reading

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OER Books & Journals: Don’t forget Europe!

Image via WikipediaI came across a great site in my morning reading: OAPEN (Open Access Publishing in European Networks) which “is a collaborative initiative to develop and implement a sustainable Open Access publication model for academic books in the Humanities … Continue reading

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OER: The Myth of Commercial Textbook Reliability

Image via WikipediaAn “OER” is an open education resource and the most common example is an open textbook. An open textbook is a book, most often electronic, that is licensed in a way that allows re-use, repurposing, editing, and republishing. … Continue reading

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Open Textbooks: A Diversity of Voices in Open Learning

Image via WikipediaOpen textbooks are textbooks that are released with an open license, preferably with a Creative Commons “attribution” license. The textbooks under that license should be free to students and free to instructors to download, reuse, and remix. In … Continue reading

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How Open Source Changes Business Models

Image via WikipediaOne great thing that open source does is change how businesses work. Open textbooks are a great example. The publishers are doing a little too late in their attempt to fix the financial issues around textbook costs and … Continue reading

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On the Greatly Exaggerated Death of Culture

I really thought Culture (I mean the exclusive education of privilege maintained by privilege) would have died years ago. Sven Birkerts and others have been predicting the death of The Book, Google is supposed be making us stupid, and instant … Continue reading

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