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Premium Free Range OER

Free Range Poultry and Shed, near Seisdon, Staffordshire (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I don’t want Flat World Knowledge to corner the market in charging students for free textbooks. I am announcing here that CainCo EduProducts will also be offering premium free … Continue reading

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OERs: Why Commercial Electronic Textbooks Are No Bargain

Earlier this month, there was a posting at the California State Library blog that said that, according to a Dayton College study, the savings for students using electronic textbooks was only a dollar: “Despite the promise that digital textbooks can … Continue reading

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How to Outsource Your Business Failures

There are a few clues as to why business in the United States is in the condition that it is in. There are Savings & Loan people in jail, and a bunch more that ought to be. And then there … Continue reading

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Universal Customer Support Dice

Image by Dru! via FlickrMost technology problems happen at random, why shouldn’t your tech support answers be random as well? That is the idea behind the 12-sided Universal Customer Support Die. A customer calls, you roll the die, and you … Continue reading

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