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Hubris 2.0: OERs, Publishers, and Federal Money

Image via WikipediaIn “Publishers Criticize Federal Investment in Open Education Resources” a nice little article in the Chronicle of Higher Ed this week, Blackboard lets us know that the sky is falling because of government funding of open education resources … Continue reading

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How I Survived the End of the World

Image via WikipediaI thought I had seen it all. I survived “The Late Great Planet Earth” by Hal Lindsey. He was sure the Soviet Union and other countries that no longer exist were going to invade Israel in the 70s … Continue reading

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Tegrity: The future of distance learning is just learning.

Image via WikipediaI was asked recently about the future of distance learning. Because of my experiences here at College of the Redwoods, I thought immediately of Lenin’s analysis of Marx’s stateless communism: the “withering away of the state.” That is … Continue reading

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You’ve Got Mail: Old models of learning are new again

Image via WikipediaDespite the growth of broad-band internet and the increases of online learning, the correspondence model of distance education is still going. According to Wikipedia, distance education dates to around 1728 when an advertisement in the Boston Gazette announced … Continue reading

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Peru: Access to the internet is a fundamental human right

Image via Wikipedia This is what we should really be talking about when we are still addressing issues of “digital divide.” The full Peruvian House approved a bill that declares as a fundamental right and free unrestricted access to the … Continue reading

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