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Open Textbooks and the Student Debt Crisis

Loans (Photo credit: zingbot) Daniel De Vise at The Washington Post reported that student loan debt is now at “$870 billion nationally, surpassing the nation’s outstanding balance on auto loans ($730 billion) and credit cards ($693 billion).” This is according … Continue reading

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Girl Scouts Offer New Coding Badge

I hope this is the new badge! The Girl Scouts have a gaming and coding badge! I am thrilled with the Girl Scouts lately – their leadership is forward-thinking and politically and socially inclusive. As our society becomes more diverse, … Continue reading

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MOOCs, Group Work, and Instructional Design

Debate Chamber of the Oxford Union Society (Wikipedia) Everything Old is New AgainIn my last post I pointed out that all the arguments about MOOCs sound so much like the old arguments against online education in the 90s. One of … Continue reading

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MOOCs: Lets Do The Timewarp Again!

I love all the arguments from the 1990s that were leveled at online teaching and learning that are now being leveled at MOOCs. I re-read all of my favorite straw-man hits from the 90s including the digital divide, lack of … Continue reading

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