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GIMP: Can I have my MFA now?

I taught myself to make an animated gif in GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program) today. I followed the brief tutorial at eLearnHub. GIMP is a great open source replacement for Photoshop. In fact there is a version that is set up a little … Continue reading

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New Art Resource: Artsy

Okay, “new” to me but this is really worth passing on to others. What is Artsy? “Artsy features the world’s leading galleries, museum collections, foundations, artist estates, art fairs, and benefit auctions, all in one place. Our growing database of … Continue reading

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Art History on the Internet: a virtual walkabout

I sent an image in Facebook to my dear sister Erin this morning. She is a great appreciator of art and a budding artist herself. The image was of one of those gorgeous Turners that seems so simple at first, … Continue reading

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DET/CHE: The Art & Science of Education

Town plan of Imola (Wikipedia) I am at the Directors of Education Technology and California Higher Education conference in San Jose this week (DET/CHE). This is my first time here and I am presenting on MOOCs, eLearning, and Instructional Design. … Continue reading

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Art and Technology in Amsterdam

Oud Kirk (Photo credit: bolinhanyc) I am in Amsterdam this week. I am here mostly for the art but also to see the places where the art was created. One of the reasons why I am here is that I … Continue reading

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Cave of Forgotten Dreams

Image via WikipediaI know this is not a movie review blog, but this is not really a movie review. I am on “vacation” in Chicago this week and one of the things I like to do on vacation is catch … Continue reading

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Smarthistory: a Kickstarter success story

Image via WikipediaI was really glad to see that people have stepped up and supported Smarthistory – this is a really amazing site that needs and deserves our support. Their Kickstarter page is here, but PLEASE contribute; this is an … Continue reading

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The Google Art Project

The Google Art Project has created a “street view” visit to a dozen museums and put up a library of high definition images from the participating museums. This will be a great resource for art and history instructors and everyone … Continue reading

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Of Concept Maps and Crucifixions

I visited the National Gallery earlier this year and I spent a lot of time looking at a few paintings of crucifixion or passion paintings. I was particularly interested in a few early renaissance paintings. These paintings come from a … Continue reading

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Every day the same dream

Everyday the same dream is a work of Flash art from Molleindustria. It was made in 6 days for the Experimental Gameplay Project. (They have an interesting article online “Videogame Rules as a Political Medium.”) What fascinated me about “Everyday … Continue reading

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