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How Open Source Changes Business Models

Image via WikipediaOne great thing that open source does is change how businesses work. Open textbooks are a great example. The publishers are doing a little too late in their attempt to fix the financial issues around textbook costs and … Continue reading

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Good Teaching is Accessible and Open

Image via WikipediaI don’t think Dave Arnold planned on being an innovator in education. The way I understand his work is that he had problems to solve with his math department and they are using every tool at their disposal … Continue reading

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Explaining Web 3.0

I wanted to share some notes on the semantic web or Web 3.0. The only way to really understand Web 3.0 is by knowing the history and maybe some of the future directions. Web 1.0: Information is stored and shared … Continue reading

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Distance Ed Advising

Students in the online college have Barry Tucker as their distance education advisor. Whether students hope to take most of their degree programs online or only a few courses, they will want to be sure to speak with an advisor … Continue reading

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Sakai 3: Social Media meets Online Learning

Sakai 3 will be the next iteration of Sakai’s collaborative learning environment. It is meant to be more than just a change of tools, but an evolution of the collaborative philosophy that will include social networking and web 2.0 tools … Continue reading

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Adding NanoGong to a MyCR Course Site

NanoGong is an applet embedded in a web page that can be used by students and faculty to record, playback and save voice recordings. When the recording is played back, the user can speed up or slow down the sound … Continue reading

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What is Google Docs?

MyCR is now integrated with Google Docs. Google Docs is basically an online “office suite,” an easy-to-use word processor, spreadsheet and presentation editor that enables you and your students to create, store and share documents instantly and securely, and collaborate … Continue reading

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Introducing Sakai CLE Version 2.7

rSmart announced the release of rSmart’s Sakai CLE Version 2.7. This is a major update to the collaborative learning environment. This latest version of the CLE is based on the community Sakai-2.7.0 release. rSmart has been working hard to ensure … Continue reading

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