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New Year’s Eve Technology Predictions

Every year we are treated to a wide range of predictions in the technology field. Typically Futurists write about what they think will happen. I have included in my list things that I think will not happen as well. This … Continue reading

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The Semantic Web and Universal Design

Image via WikipediaI have been looking at PopcornJS this morning. PopcornJS allows programmers to build in triggerable events in the code delivering a video in a webpage. What problems does that solve? One of the things we are wrestling with … Continue reading

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Explaining Web 3.0

I wanted to share some notes on the semantic web or Web 3.0. The only way to really understand Web 3.0 is by knowing the history and maybe some of the future directions. Web 1.0: Information is stored and shared … Continue reading

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On My Semantic Radar

Image via Wikipedia There is some interesting news about the focusing of standards for the semantic web by the W3C today. The semantic web is the idea that by combining different kinds of metadata, it will be easier to find, … Continue reading

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Visions of the Semantic Web Future

Every so often, as technology changes, people like to make predictions about what the future holds for us. I love these visions of the future from semantic web folks: Web 2.0 – Web 3.0 – Web 4.0? one8nine UnConference Blog: … Continue reading

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