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Open Textbooks: The College Student Speaks Out

Tuesday, April 5, 20112:00-3:00 PM EST / 11:00AM-Noon PST Moderator: Nicole AllenTextbook Advocate for the Student PIRGs and Director of the Make Textbooks Affordable campaign. In the national debate surrounding textbook affordability and adoption, the student voice often goes unheard. … Continue reading

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OER: The Myth of Commercial Textbook Reliability

Image via WikipediaAn “OER” is an open education resource and the most common example is an open textbook. An open textbook is a book, most often electronic, that is licensed in a way that allows re-use, repurposing, editing, and republishing. … Continue reading

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8 Open Source Project Management Tools

Image via WikipediaOne of the consequences of a depressed economy in a college work environment is the pursuit of and reliance on more grants. And multiple grants means that project management is all the more important. I will be looking … Continue reading

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The Japanese Earthquake: New Roles for Social Media

Image via WikipediaI think we should all be getting now how important social media has become in politics (Iran, Egypt, Tunisia, Wisconsin, etc.) and in natural disasters such as Haiti and now with Japan. The earthquake and tsunami are terrible disasters … Continue reading

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Catching Up or Leading the Way

Image by David Warlick via FlickrYong Zhao presented on education today in CCC Confer (Elluminate! Live) on Catching Up or Leading the Way: American Education in the Age of Globalization. Yong Zhao is currently Presidential Chair and Associate Dean for … Continue reading

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Net Generation Myth

Image by John Biehler via FlickrThe ETC blog has an  interesting post by Jan Schwartz on the net gen myth. The article talks about Prensky and Tapscott’s research which Marc Bullen, in a presentation to the British Columbia Institute of … Continue reading

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Smarthistory: a Kickstarter success story

Image via WikipediaI was really glad to see that people have stepped up and supported Smarthistory – this is a really amazing site that needs and deserves our support. Their Kickstarter page is here, but PLEASE contribute; this is an … Continue reading

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OER Africa: Course Development Handbook

Image via WikipediaI am currently reading Santosh Panda’s textbook Handbook on In-House Style for Course Development.  This would be recommended reading for new course developers or distance education admins who are new to the field or need to develop a … Continue reading

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