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Lecture Capture Resources

These are the resources for the lecture capture presentation at College of the Redwoods. At CR we can help instructors with video taping lectures and consult with them on how to use cameras and recording equipment in the classroom. We … Continue reading

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Open Education Resources Require Open Teaching

Image via WikipediaI have been reading though the Open eLearning Content Observatory Services “Roadmap 2012” and there are some very important points made in the report: “OER are understood to be an important element of policies that want to leverage … Continue reading

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Of Concept Maps and Crucifixions

I visited the National Gallery earlier this year and I spent a lot of time looking at a few paintings of crucifixion or passion paintings. I was particularly interested in a few early renaissance paintings. These paintings come from a … Continue reading

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Herzogian Pedagogy: A New Order in Education

I was meditating on the pedagogy of online learning and personal learning networks, and I could not get Werner Herzog’s Rogue Film School out of my mind.  I love the spirit of this, and I can’t believe that I have … Continue reading

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Open Access Week

Image via WikipediOPen  Open Access Week is happening  Oct. 18 – 22. I am particularly interested in it because it is a chance to hear leaders in the field of open education resources, such as Wayne Mackintosh, the director of … Continue reading

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New OER Guide for Higher Education Leaders

Image by opensourceway via FlickrFrom Cable Green: An Open Educational Resources guide for higher education governance officials written by long-time OER advocate Hal Plotkin has been released by Creative Commons. Free to Learn: An Open Educational Resources Policy Development Guidebook … Continue reading

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