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Are You Ready for Online Learning?

Educators will often discuss the barriers to online education without considering what a student would need to do to overcome those barriers. The typical answer to “are you ready for online education?” is “online education isn’t for everyone.” As someone … Continue reading

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Twitter and the Greater Community

Tweeting bird, derived from the initial ‘t’ of Twitter Deutsch: Twitschervogel, entwickelt aus dem Anfangs-‘t’ von Twitter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Over the last week, I went to a bookstore where an internationally known author was reading from her latest book. As … Continue reading

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New Year’s Eve Technology Predictions

Every year we are treated to a wide range of predictions in the technology field. Typically Futurists write about what they think will happen. I have included in my list things that I think will not happen as well. This … Continue reading

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The Japanese Earthquake: New Roles for Social Media

Image via WikipediaI think we should all be getting now how important social media has become in politics (Iran, Egypt, Tunisia, Wisconsin, etc.) and in natural disasters such as Haiti and now with Japan. The earthquake and tsunami are terrible disasters … Continue reading

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Rethinking Education from Mike Wesch

Image by poptech via FlickrMike Wesch posted this video to YouTube via his channel. I like his work. I have been in classrooms that size before, and he seems to make his work just as much about that class as … Continue reading

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Danah Boyd& Internet Myths

Image via WikipediaI was just reading about how Harrisburg University was going to block social media from campus as an experiment. The premise of the experiment seems to be that students connected to one another, other researchers around the world, … Continue reading

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What is Blackboard Building Now?

Image via Wikipedia There is a notice in Inside Higher Ed on Blackboard’s purchase of Elluminate and Wimba entitled “Blackboard’s Big Buy.” It begins: Blackboard announced on Wednesday it is buying out two software companies in an effort to bolster … Continue reading

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