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Nomic: Interactive Gaming Online and Off

I am looking at games that can be used in online classes that are interactive, engaging and promote collaboration. In online classes, the research says that there is a direct correlation between interactivity in an online class and student success … Continue reading

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OER: Possible Resources for Biology – Human Anatomy & Physiology

human anatomy (Photo credit: Shira Golding) These are some possible resources for developing our own textbook and course for anatomy and physiology. I will use this wiki this summer to sort through some biology textbooks and OERs for possible use … Continue reading

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Four Steps to Getting MOOCs Right

“Lehrer-Student” von Reinhard Schmidt in Rostock (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I love alarming education headlines – five MOOC classes are put on hold and the San Francisco Chronicle says “San Jose suspends online courses.” Which it didn’t – it suspended five MOOC … Continue reading

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Mobytes Instructional Design App

Juniper Hall at Humboldt State University. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) One of our technologically ever-vigilant instructional designers here at Humboldt State (Kim Vincent-Layton) shared an interesting Android app with us the other day – Mobytes Instructional Design App. The app is a … Continue reading

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RIP Google Reader; Long Live Feedly!

Today is the last day of Google Reader. Many of you may not know about it which explains some of why it is going away. It is not the flashiest RSS aggregator out there but certainly the most functional and … Continue reading

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Learning Analytics Summer Institute

Marist College Student Center. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Although this is really short notice on my part, I like to post professional development opportunities on this blog to help support our faculty and instructional designers. I have been interested in learning analytics … Continue reading

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