RIP Google Reader; Long Live Feedly!

Today is the last day of Google Reader. Many of you may not know about it which explains some of why it is going away. It is not the flashiest RSS aggregator out there but certainly the most functional and useful: qualities not valued much in our post-iPad world. I explored a lot of options – there are some articles at the bottom of this post that point to some reviews. I found that this reader was the one that best integrated with my Android phone, iPad, and the Chrome browser. I liked that all I had to do was log-in with my old Google Reader credentials to get it to work.

This was my old Google Reader:

This is my new Feedly reader:
I am now an iPad user and I will say that the Feedly interface is superior to most readers on the iPad, but I am still willing to experiment. If you have a tool that you think we absolutely must try, feel free to email me or post a comment here below. I would also recommend checking out Stephen Downes posting on this if you have not checked it out yet – and if you haven’t – you should think about getting a feed reader to manage all those blog posts you haven’t read!
In the meantime, past Google Reader users, check out Feedly, they will be expecting you.

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