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Open Learning and the Next Generation LMS

Image by moqub via FlickrWe have been talking at work about what the next generation of LMSs (learning management systems) should look like. In the education blog world, LMSs are considered pretty old fashioned because they tend to be proprietary … Continue reading

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Digital Native Mythology

Image via WikipediaI was glad to see some research this week on the so-called “Digital Native” in the article “Open University Research Explodes Myth of ‘Digital Native.’” The whole idea of a “net generation” is ridiculous – the idea that … Continue reading

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Time says commercial textbooks are a boondoggle

They did not use the word “boondoggle” but in the list of 12 Things You Should Just Stop Buying that also included homeopathic remedies for the flu was new commercial textbooks. The article suggests that you shop online for used … Continue reading

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Flash Robs and the Darker Side of Human Nature

Image via WikipediaAfter weeks of Twitter fuled violence, rioting and crime, the British government is considering shutting off social networks. With similar problems, the mayor of Philadelphia is appealing to youths shape up combined with increased “stop and frisk” policies. Just as … Continue reading

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Making Sense of Public Domain

As more material becomes identified by governments, libraries, museums, and other institutions as “public domain,” instructors and administrators will need help in understanding what is out there and the significance of some of the archives. They will also need help … Continue reading

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3 Reasons Why OERs are Better Than “Free”

I see a lot of emails, Tweets, and blog postings that include free materials from both corporations and individuals included in lists of “open education resources” or OERs. I always have to let people know that I am not anti-corporate: … Continue reading

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Hewlett Packard Funds University of the People Research Students

Image via WikipediaHP is funding research projects with the University of the People, a tuition free open university. I am not sure about your end of the internet, but I haven’t see much out there about this story. This is … Continue reading

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