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Calendar of eLearning Events

Stephen Downes has created a calendar of free online events for faculty going online due to the Covid19 crisis, his note is here: If you are hosting a live webcast or online event intended to help people create an online … Continue reading

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Concept Mapping with Compendium

Image by ryan2point0  I do a lot with concept mapping. I use it in my work as an instructional designer and I use concept maps in writing fiction and technical work, and I am really interested in Compendium right now. What … Continue reading

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Digital Native Mythology

Image via WikipediaI was glad to see some research this week on the so-called “Digital Native” in the article “Open University Research Explodes Myth of ‘Digital Native.’” The whole idea of a “net generation” is ridiculous – the idea that … Continue reading

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Hewlett Packard Funds University of the People Research Students

Image via WikipediaHP is funding research projects with the University of the People, a tuition free open university. I am not sure about your end of the internet, but I haven’t see much out there about this story. This is … Continue reading

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