Calendar of eLearning Events

Stephen Downes has created a calendar of free online events for faculty going online due to the Covid19 crisis, his note is here:

If you are hosting a live webcast or online event intended to help people create an online community, class or conference, and if this event is FREE, then please be sure to submit your event listing here. To view the events calendar, click on this link (I’ve been having issues with the calendar permissions, so please let me know if you’re having difficulties accessing this).

The original posting is from his newsletter but I am spreading this far and wide because as usual educators are stepping up to the plate in the spirit of generosity and collegiality that we sometimes lose sight of.

Thanks again Stephen for thinking of this.

Lets spread the word! If there are other calendars and sources of information, post them in the comments below and I will help get it out to the elearning community.

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