NW eLearning Provides Free Webinar on Online Teaching

Once again, the elearning community is stepping up to take care of teachers in this time of crisis. The NW eLearning Community in particular has sent out this message providing support:

Dear Colleagues,

Schools in the Pacific Northwest are responding quickly to mobilize distance learning resources; NWeLearn is here to help. We are offering a free webinar specifically for instructors who don’t normally teach online.

The webinar will address:

  • ┬áStrategic planning for online and remote course design
  • Student engagement and participation
  • Discussions that work
  • Effective feedback
  • Demonstrating student learning (test alternatives)
  • Accessibility

Our panelists for this webinar will be:

  • Amy Spielmaker, MSEd, Western Oregon University
  • Greg Zobel, Ph.D, Western Oregon University
  • Tim Chase, MSEd, Impact Virtual Learning
  • Ana Thompson, CPACC, University of Washington,
  • Emily Householder, MSEd, Intel
  • Velda Arnaud, Ph.D, Blue Mountain Community College
  • [Host] Weiwei Zhang, Ph.D, Oregon State University

Time of the webinar: Tuesday, March 24, at 11am, PT
Details: www.nwelearn.org (scroll down to see the webinar section)

Sign up to receive recording: Fill out this 2-question form

(No registration is required, but attendance is capped at 300. To receive updates, you may subscribe to NWeLearn email list by going to the NWeLearn website community page.)

The webinar features six strong strategies for teaching with online platforms and web-based tools. We will have a panel discussion webinar featuring six experts from different schools in the Pacific Northwest. Each presenter will focus on a topic for 5-7 minutes, then the webinar will transition to the next topic.

If you are an educator, this webinar gives you tools you can adapt quickly to teach effectively in a new environment. If you support educators as an instructional designer or online ed specialist, we hope you can point some of your educators to the webinar for additional support. We will offer examples of effective online and/or remote teaching; each of these can be employed easily by instructors with minimal effort.

During and after the webinar, there will be Q/A opportunities.


NWeLearn Community

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