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Concept Maps & Visual Pedagogy

This was the presentation for the Global Education Conference.: “This presentation will explore concept mapping and brainstorming tools for classroom discussion, discovering knowledge, and problem-solving. I will present a brief history of visual pedagogy from different cultures to show how … Continue reading

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Farewell, Drop.Io: Too fast to live, too young to die…

Image via WikipediaI have often heard that one of the weaknesses of open source is that is that it is an unstable model. Somehow, open source software is supposedly more buggy, not as robust, not enough people supporting it, or … Continue reading

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Time-Saving Tips in Online Learning

Online learning saves time for students. Students in online courses have 24/7 access to their course materials, other students, and their instructor. For working students, this is an incredible benefit. But we often hear that online learning takes a lot … Continue reading

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Image Resources on the Web

Finding Images on the Web for use by Educators Although search engines such as and others enable you to quickly locate photos, clip art, and other visual media, most that is found is not in the public domain and … Continue reading

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An Open Textbook as an Open Community

Image via WikipediaOpen textbooks can sustain a community of practitioners in a given field. With commercial texts, and texts that are not truly openly licensed, English instructors can’t get together, make decisions about the needs of their students, and change … Continue reading

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Google Voice Can Save Students Money

What is Google Voice? Google Voice is the Internet based phone forwarding service by Google. Google Voice is free except for international calls. Google Voice gives you a separate phone number which you can give out as if it is … Continue reading

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