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Drones and Education: a view from above

Now I am not going to pretend like I am doing anything right now with drones except having a lot of fun and taking some interesting pictures. But I am in the education field and I have been reading articles … Continue reading

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DET/CHE: Teaching in the Digital Age

Azusa Pacific University (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Mike Truong, Founding Executive Director, Office of Innovative Teaching and Technology, Azusa Pacific University   The demands faculty teaching in the digital age face are immense rom keeping distracted students engaged (high touch) to … Continue reading

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DET/CHE: What Students Really Want

California State Student Association (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Anthony Gibson, Chief of Staff, California State Student Association, CSU Sacramento James Harrison, Technology Affairs Senator, Santa Clara University Dwayne Mason Jr., California State Student Association, CSU Fullerton Brett Roberts, Technology Officer, California … Continue reading

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Digital Native Mythology

Image via WikipediaI was glad to see some research this week on the so-called “Digital Native” in the article “Open University Research Explodes Myth of ‘Digital Native.’” The whole idea of a “net generation” is ridiculous – the idea that … Continue reading

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Flash Robs and the Darker Side of Human Nature

Image via WikipediaAfter weeks of Twitter fuled violence, rioting and crime, the British government is considering shutting off social networks. With similar problems, the mayor of Philadelphia is appealing to youths shape up combined with increased “stop and frisk” policies. Just as … Continue reading

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Cave of Forgotten Dreams

Image via WikipediaI know this is not a movie review blog, but this is not really a movie review. I am on “vacation” in Chicago this week and one of the things I like to do on vacation is catch … Continue reading

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New Education Technology Changes Everything

Image via WikipediaI am reading a book on a “new” educational technology. Everything in the book is hauntingly familiar. We have heard these warnings about technology and education before. Its “…importance as an instrument of instruction in the common school, … Continue reading

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Net Generation Myth

Image by John Biehler via FlickrThe ETC blog has an  interesting post by Jan Schwartz on the net gen myth. The article talks about Prensky and Tapscott’s research which Marc Bullen, in a presentation to the British Columbia Institute of … Continue reading

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Connectivism and the Evolution of Pedagogy

Image via WikipediaIn some recent postings on connectivism and constructivism (see links below), educators and researchers write as if these models are oppositions; as if constructivism is early Bolshevist and connectivism is free market socialism. Pedagogy does not come from … Continue reading

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Just Another Cell in the Brain?: The Internet and Education

Image via Wikipedia Recently, Robert Wright, journalist and author of various books including The Evolution of God and Nonzero: The Logic of Human Destiny, penned an op-ed in the New York Times in which he contemplates the Internet in all … Continue reading

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