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AI Ain’t What It Used to Be

Stephen Downes posted a link to the Metafilter blog where a discussion that begins thus is taking place: Uber’s Self-Driving Car Didn’t Malfunction, It Was Just Bad. There were no software glitches or sensor breakdowns that led to a fatal … Continue reading

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New Google Classes for Educators

Juniper Hall at HSU. (Wikipedia) Even though most of what I work with here on this blog is open education resources, I often post what is happening at Google because the college I work for, Humboldt State University, made the … Continue reading

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RIP Google Reader; Long Live Feedly!

Today is the last day of Google Reader. Many of you may not know about it which explains some of why it is going away. It is not the flashiest RSS aggregator out there but certainly the most functional and … Continue reading

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Is the Internet making us stupid?

Marshall McLuhan caused wide irritation with his statement that the traditional, book-oriented intellectuals had become irrelevant for the formulation of cultural rules in the electronic age. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) This is an article I wrote for the Times-Standard “Tech Beat” … Continue reading

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Openness and Learning Analytics

Image by nep via FlickrSpeakers: John Rinderle Norman BierRevise/Remix can build a 1000 points of OER light. Can these lights converge to fire authentic learning analytics & share-alike data models? Conventional wisdom in the OER community maintains that one of … Continue reading

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Open Learning and the Next Generation LMS

Image by moqub via FlickrWe have been talking at work about what the next generation of LMSs (learning management systems) should look like. In the education blog world, LMSs are considered pretty old fashioned because they tend to be proprietary … Continue reading

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Finding Creative Commons Videos on YouTube

We are in the middle of helping faculty develop courses for a grant that requires that all of the content be openly licensed: Creative Commons or public domain. YouTube is making it easier to find such content: The “Filter & … Continue reading

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Google Music: Bask in the market socialist sunshine!

Image via WikipediaAs you are probably aware, I am a big fan of Google. I have been using and writing about their products from very early on. In fact, this blog was acquired by Google way back when. They are … Continue reading

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The Google Art Project

The Google Art Project has created a “street view” visit to a dozen museums and put up a library of high definition images from the participating museums. This will be a great resource for art and history instructors and everyone … Continue reading

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Google Voice Can Save Students Money

What is Google Voice? Google Voice is the Internet based phone forwarding service by Google. Google Voice is free except for international calls. Google Voice gives you a separate phone number which you can give out as if it is … Continue reading

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