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The Coat of Arms for OntarioI was in an interesting webinar Thursday, March 5th hosted by eCampus Ontario to take a peek at their “H5P Studio.” This was a part of Open Education Week. Basically what they have done is set up a Drupal site (one could use WordPress instead) and it looks like they are using the free h5p plug-in for Drupal. Their idea is to have the faculty create learning objects, have all the content licensed with Creative Commons (or not) so that it is shareable. From what I can tell on the page’s source code, making new content on the site with H5P is part of making a “new post” in Drupal that includes form fields that the creators fill out to basically license and catalog the new content.

Catalogue of H5P Content | eCampusOntario H5P Studio

There seems to be no licensing fees involved in this set up. From their site:

“eCampusOntario H5P Studio is your one stop shop to create, share, and discover interactive learning objects. This site uses H5P, an open source plugin, to allow content authors to easily create interactive content for their courses or other instructional projects. For more information about H5P, please refer to their website. H5P Studio is provided as part of our set of Open Publishing tools. This platform was developed by the innovative team at Wilfrid Laurier University Library. Special thanks to Yasin Dahi, Joanne Oud, Dillon Moore, and Gohar Ashoughian for their participation in this project. For all other inquiries, please feel to contact us at

I am interested in this because I am looking for resources to replace inaccessible learning objects. Many free widgets that faculty use cannot be read by a screen reader but H5P is mostly accessible and they are quite transparent about that, unlike other companies.

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