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Kaltura Video in Sakai

Image via CrunchBase Unicon’s Aaron Zeckoski is a software engineer and open source software developer. He is internationally recognized for his expertise in the Sakai open source collaborative learning environment. His nine years of experience include work both as part … Continue reading

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Sakai: SMS, Q&A, and Course Evaluations

Image by kiwanja via Flickr This presentation was by Stephen Marquard of the University of Cape Town where he is the Learning Technologies Co-ordinator at the University of Cape Town. He is also responsible for the University’s popular Sakai deployment … Continue reading

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Teaching Basic Physiology and Anatomy Lab Courses Using Sakai

Image via Wikipedia This is a presentation by Joan Esterline Lafuze who is a professor of biology at Indiana University East. I am particularly interested in this session because teaching online labs seems to be such an issue for so … Continue reading

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Activity Awareness in Sakai

Image via Wikipedia These are my notes from Jim Laffey’s presentation “Activity awareness in Sakai: Improving the social nature of learning.” The social nature of online learning; context-aware activity notification system (CANS); lessons learned. Dr. James Laffey is a Professor … Continue reading

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Kamentz at the Sakai Conference

Image via Wikipedia These are my notes from this morning’s keynote at the Sakai Conference. This is not a transcript but notes that highlight my interest in her work. Anya Kamenetz, author of “Edupunks, Edupreneurs, and the Coming Transformation of … Continue reading

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What I Mean When I Say the iPad Isn’t It.

Image via Wikipedia I have been looking at ebook readers and netbooks for the k-20 market. The iPad has been suggested as a solution to that in a few places. Those who know me know that I have been a … Continue reading

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