A Brief History of the Future of Education

This is the presentation I did at DET/CHE on how the future is represented in media reflecting the promises and fears of technology with some of the implications for our vision of education:

This is a subject I have been interested in since reading James Burke and Marshall McLuhan. My thin efforts in this area are for entertainment purposes only, and some contents may settle in shipping, but I think it is important to look at how we saw the future in the past because it can help us sort out what we think we are seeing now. I am also tired of seeing declarations via the Gartner Hype Cycle confused with research or insight. That will be drawn out in a later posting.

The team from Humboldt (Morgan Barker, Dan Fiore, Terri Georgopolous, and Kim Vincent Layton) did a stellar job of presenting and conferencing. It was a great conference!

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