A Letter to Blackboard on W²3k

Dear Blackboard,

GBC Education Consulting’s upcoming new product “WidgetWare 3000” (aka W²3k) is going to revolutionize education. This will be THE killer app for schools that changes the way we think about teaching and learning. In fact, it will change everything. All conceptions of the LMS will fade away into the dark as the world of education ushers in the dawn of a new era with W²3k. Five years from now teachers and students will look back at the clumsy, separate applications that constituted the LMS, VR, OER, Social Media, quantum computing, video conferencing, 3d printing, artificial intelligence, mobile apps, lecture capture, assessment tools, etc. and laugh as if they were sitting in their hover cars while zipping by a ’72 Pinto abandoned on the side of the road. Whole new lines of research and opportunities will open up giving birth to new fields, disciplines, and programs. The funding model will be unprecedented and revolutionary, and will bring education with in the reach of everyone around the globe.

As conceptualized, W²3k will provide adaptive learning, digital assessment, adaptive e-learning textbooks, a customer relationship management (CRM) systems (not just tech support), big data analytics, all at the touch of a single button. When that button is pushed, it will start an explosive, punctuated equilibrium in the evolution of education technology and there will be no going back.

Our exostructure strategy is in place. We will soon be acquiring the critical capabilities of interoperability as a deliberate strategy to leverage the increasing numbers of partnerships, tools and services in the education ecosystem that will quickly manifest itself in the face this new level of never-before-seen quantum leap of innovation.

Why would I tell Blackboard or your rivals about W²3k at this stage? I want to share the opportunity with everyone and make sure that the world of education actually reaches this next stage in its evolution: a glowing world of possibilities. Why let progress be slowed down by costly acquisitions and lawsuits? Right now, W²3k, is in the pre-prototype discovery, innovation trigger phase.  Because GBC Education Consulting has not, to this date, committed a significant amount of capital investment into the project, W²3k is ripe for a one-time, low cost buy out with no costly lawsuits and bad publicity. When W²3k reaches the top of the hype cycle, it could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars. At this stage, GBC is willing to let it go for a mere 4 million U.S.D.  Lets talk.


Geoff Cain
GBC Education Consulting

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