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DET/CHE: What Students Really Want

California State Student Association (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Anthony Gibson, Chief of Staff, California State Student Association, CSU Sacramento James Harrison, Technology Affairs Senator, Santa Clara University Dwayne Mason Jr., California State Student Association, CSU Fullerton Brett Roberts, Technology Officer, California … Continue reading

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DET/CHE: The Art & Science of Education

Town plan of Imola (Wikipedia) I am at the Directors of Education Technology and California Higher Education conference in San Jose this week (DET/CHE). This is my first time here and I am presenting on MOOCs, eLearning, and Instructional Design. … Continue reading

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Biology eAcademy: Preliminary Meeting

Charles Darwin (1809-1882) (Wikipedia) This week, I am at the California State University’s Biology eAcademy. We are meeting for three days. The eAcademys are basically mini-conferences getting facuty together from across the system to look at proven course redesign practices … Continue reading

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Time Saving Tips for Teaching Online

Time Selector (Photo credit: Telstar Logistics) We often hear that online learning takes a lot of time for instructors. I have found that it can, but when a course is set up in advance to take advantage of a learning … Continue reading

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Are You Ready for Online Learning?

Educators will often discuss the barriers to online education without considering what a student would need to do to overcome those barriers. The typical answer to “are you ready for online education?” is “online education isn’t for everyone.” As someone … Continue reading

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Essential Skills for Online Students

(Photo credit: London College of Fashion short courses) I am writing up a page for our students here at Humboldt State University on the study skills needed to be a successful online student. The same skills needed for success in … Continue reading

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MOOCs: Lets Do The Timewarp Again!

I love all the arguments from the 1990s that were leveled at online teaching and learning that are now being leveled at MOOCs. I re-read all of my favorite straw-man hits from the 90s including the digital divide, lack of … Continue reading

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MOOCs and Other Four-Legged Chickens

I have just moved to Humboldt State University. The college is fairly rural but we get a lot of folks from urban areas. I over heard a very interesting conversation between some students in the cafeteria.  One of them was … Continue reading

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MOOCs: Why Do We Need Instructional Design?

Note: The following is an extended abstract for a paper. I was in the process of sending this out to journals when I realized that this needs to be an open document. I have always found the publishing process in … Continue reading

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Effective Online Teaching Techniques

These are the slides and some resources from my workshop on “Effective Online Teaching Techniques.” It relies heavily on Chickering and Gamson because I like to emphasize that the same principles that make face-to-face teaching effective are the same principles … Continue reading

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