Edustream: Video Hosting and Video Library for Faculty

College of the Redwoods is now a member institution of Edustream (at no cost to the school because it is grant-funded), a free video hosting service and educational video and learning object library created by San Bernardino Community College and Seattle Community College Educational Television. It includes space for instructors to upload their own content. This is similar to Youtube except that it is protected, advertising free, and will accept almost any kind of file. Instructors can create an account, upload video, audio, image, or any other kind document and link the materials to online classes. Instructors can also add video to their course from Edustream’s online library of educational video from Dallas Telelearning and other sources. Edustream will be expanding their video collection and services next year to include videos from the extensive library at Ambrose Video.

We held a workshop on Dec. 10th. For those who missed it, the Distance Education dept. would be happy to meet with your dept. for a demonstration or to meet with faculty one-on-one. One of the things that we learned at the workshop was that videos that faculty upload in the .flv or .wmv formats keep their original compression (great picture quality).

Edustream’s library of videos are captioned and ADA compliant. Instructors can upload captioned video or video and a separate captioning file. We can also use this service to host video captioned by the DECT captioning grant.

 If you are interested and want to learn more, here are a few things you can do:

 1. Create an Account
Fill out the form at
You will need our institution id and password for the top of the form.

  • Our institution id is 139
  • Institution password is w9Hds5TI (this is case sensitive).

Contact John Anderson or Geoff Cain if you have trouble creating an account or need a password reset.

2. Take a look at the documentation

3. Contact John Anderson or Geoff Cain for more information.

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