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Four Feathers Writing GuidePicture of Royal Roads University.
As someone who taught community college in Humboldt County and elsewhere, I have been looking for something like this for years. This is a very important piece of work – I have seen Indigenous People’s readers (Jacqui Cain worked on one), but this gets into the teaching and learning, the pedagogy of teaching Indigenous peoples.

The Four Feathers Writing Guide respectfully presents traditional Coast Salish teachings and approaches to learning to support Indigenous students develop as academic writers. While Coast Salish teachings may not be transferrable across all Indigenous communities, we hope those presented in this guide will create a pathway to academic writing. The teachings and approaches to learning in this guide are shared with permission. The ownership of the Traditional Knowledge remains in perpetuity with the appropriate Nation; accordingly, the information should not be re-used without explicit permission.

This is especially helpful as a resource for teaching about Indigenous People’s Day.

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