No school like old school…

The DEC PDP 6 computer from 1964Next month I am joining a group online that is going to read and annotate Engelbart’s Doug Engelbart’s 1962 research report and manifesto, Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework. I first read about this in Gardner Cambell’s blog posting on the project. I am glad we are doing this. Innovation and advances are a beautiful thing but sometimes we throw the baby out with the bath along with some really cool font designs. I first twigged to that idea sometime around 2003 when I had attended one of Edward Tufte’s seminars while working for Harcourt eLearning.  At that seminar he talked a little about Katzoff’s “Clarity in Technical Report Writing” and I don’t think I have found a better example of clear writing and how it works any where else. There is no great deep meaning to this posting other than a note to myself to remember to also look at where we have been when we think we know where we are going.

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