NWeLearn: E-Texts as Collaborative Engagement

This is another presentation I gave at the Northwest eLearn Conference in Bend, OR on Oct. 17. There will be recordings of this presentation available later but I wanted the attendees to have a copy of it now. Some of the more interesting and salient points of this presentation are around the democratization of the web. Tools like Hypothes.is allow us to comment on websites even if a govt. or “thought leaders” are discouraging or preventing it (e.g. sites that do not allow comments or “Comments closed for this blog.”). Web annotation tools represent a re-opening of the web that I think will represent as significant advance in collaborative thinking since cheap postage.

Hands down, I am finding Hypothes.is to be the best, most useful, and easiest of the web annotation tools out there. If you agree, I would love to hear in the comments how you are using it in your work, and if you disagree, tell me about the tools you use! Thanks!

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