OERcamp.global Starts Next Week

Jennifer Miller and I are presenting at this event on the Open Science Syllabus. This just in from #OERcampglobal…

Dear Everyone interested in Open Education! 

It’s only a few days until #OERcampglobal (9–11 Dec)! We’re going to gather for 48 hours of learning and sharing about Open Education and OER. A truly global programme, around the clock, from all over the world. (Of course, no one is expected to participate for the full 48 hours. You can also simply pick 1 or 2 sessions that you are interested in.) 

The schedule already includes almost 100 sessions, with workshops, exchange rounds and talks from India to Chile, Namibia to California, Austria to Indonesia. All online, of course, via Zoom.

Here’s why you should attend:

  1. Learn about projects and ideas on open education and OER in your field!
  2. Network with people from around the world!
  3. Find materials and resources that you can adapt for your work!
  4. It’s gonna be fun!

Learn more at https://oercamp.global and sign up in 2 minutes! Registration is free and you only need to register once for the entire event, no matter if you want to attend 1 or 48 sessions.

We look forward to seeing you!
Jöran, Kristin, Alica and the entire #OERcamp team

PS: These are just some of almost 100 sessions that have been announced so far:

  • Why I stopped using books in my classes and what has happened since
  • Best Praxis of OER in Higher Education in Russian Federation
  • Teaching mathematics with H5P
  • Contemporary Art & Open Learning: An OER for Artistic Paragogy
  • Please join in: OER metaphors from around the world
  • Computational Thinking for primary schools: What kids need to know about computers
  • A UNESCO Recommendation on OER Annotation Jam
  • Open Pedagogy Project Management: A packing list for success
  • A story of SLCB MOOC: From idea to deployment
  • Create and share interactive content with H5P
  • Building a global network of open education leaders
  • Open Source Belongs In School. Let’s Put It There!
  • Artificial intelligence for Open Education: friend or foe?
  • Searching CC licenced / Copyright free eContent
  • Creating Scalable and Sustainable Initiatives for OER Use and Creation Across a Multi-Campus University System
  • Open Syllabus: The UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science
  • see all sessions in our schedule at https://oercampglobal2021.sched.com/grid/

Learn more about OERcamp.global …
–> The opening session of OERcamp.global will start on 9 December at 1 pm UTC+0. We will have 48 hours of sessions and plenary hours, so that everyone can choose the time of the day (or night) to participate in the event.
–> OERcamp.global will take place in a format called ‘BarCamp’. This unconference format invites everyone to contribute to the programme. It’s an open and participatory event, made of user-generated workshop-events.
–> OERcamps started in Germany in 2012. They were mentioned in a Horizon Report and received the Open Education Awards for Excellence 2020. To learn more, visit oercamp.global, follow @oercamp on Twitter or subscribe to our news.

OERcamp.global is hosted by the German Commission for UNESCO and Agentur J&K – Jöran und Konsorten, which has been hosting OERcamps since 2012.


OERcamp.global https://oercamp.global | #oercampglobal info@oercamp.global | +49 40 340 686 33 c/o Agentur J&K – Jöran und Konsorten, Schmilinskystr. 45, 20099 Hamburg, Germany The OERcamp.global is hosted by the German Commission for UNESCO and Agentur J&K – Jöran und Konsorten.

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