Open Textbooks, Open Doors (Revised)

This is the latest version of a presentation I have been giving since 2008 on open education resources. It is kind of depressing because not much has changed in the cost of education except for the fact that despite the ratcheting up of inflation, education STILL out-strips the cost of inflation and healthcare. Also, since Covid, food and shelter security for students has gotten significantly worse. The good news is that the problems have become so obvious that faculty are willing to look at alternatives. We had great conversations this week during in-service about student-led education, open education practices, OER as a social justice issue, and the fact that a textbook is not a course.

Another new thing is that I am at a technical college and I have been running into some really amazing people doing great work in the trades like Jennifer Snoek-Brown, a librarian from Tacoma Community College, who was kind enough to present this year at our OER Faculty Institute and share an epic document “OER Starting Points for the Trades.”

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