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Assessment and Accreditation of Learners using OER

Photo of Athabasca University (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Rory McGreal of Athabasca University presents on assessment of OER and OER University. “This paper examines existing and potential scalable approaches to formal assessment and accreditation to digital learning, comparing and contrasting such … Continue reading

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Mobile Learning by Default

Motorola MILESTONE smartphone displaying Wikipedia home page (Photo credit: Wikipedia)When I first started reading about mobile learning platforms, there was a lot of talk about special content management systems or learning management systems that would enable mobile learning (or “mlearning”). … Continue reading

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Assessment and Accreditation of an OER Learner

Image via WikipediaSpeakers: Rory McGreal, Wayne MacintoshLearners accessing OER can acquire knowledge formally or informally. This project reports on assessment and accreditation policies worldwide. A major function of colleges and universities is to validate and credentialise learning by conferring qualifications … Continue reading

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