Tips for New Teachers?

A spiral clock.I would not have made it in my first year as a teacher without the generosity and collegiality of the more experienced instructors I had the privilege of working with. I uses to begin each year with a posting on Time Saving Tips for Teachers which used to be about how to save time teaching online, but I found that most of the tips were being used in face to face classes as well.

What resources do you send to new teachers?

Some websites & resources that I have found invaluable for online teachers include:

I found that searching for the assigned textbook title in quotes and then adding the word “syllabus” gave me a good idea about how teachers were using a particular textbook.

What about you? What teaching tips do you have for new teachers? How do you streamline your online teaching process? Leave a comment below if you have any time saving tips. Let us know in the comments below!

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