Upgrade Status on MyCR (Sakai 2.7.1)

The Distance Education Department is interested in keeping faculty informed on the latest issues around MyCR. Tickets that we receive from AskCR are often handled in-house and when they can’t be fixed here, we send them to our hosts, rSmart. But how are  faculty to be kept informed once we pass the ticket onto rSmart? One solution we are looking at is using the “MyCR User Group” project site as a place to post information about current tickets. We will create a forum in the Discussion Forum and create a new topic for each current ticket. When it is resolved, we will include RESOLVED in the subject line. We are also exploring ways to get this information out that do not require so much work, and we will let you know what happens with that research. We want to encourage all of the instructors who teach online to become a part of the MyCR Users’ Group.

For those of you who have not joined, this project site was meant to be a place for faculty to discuss using MyCR. To join, you can:

1. Log into MyCR.
2. Click on “Membership” in “My Settings” (left hand side of the screen).
3. Click on “joinable Sites.”
4. Scroll down to “MyCR User’s Group” and click on the “Join” link beneath the name.

The site will then show up under your “My Sites.” Alternately, email me with your username and I will add you.

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