Week 1: Data – Web 3.0

Yet Analytics LogoThis is a brief note on what I watched today in our MOOC, eLearning 3.0. This week we are addressing two conceptual challenges: “first, the shift in our understanding of content from documents to data; and second, the shift in our understanding of data from centralized to decentralized.” To that end, we not quite entirely begin our course with Shelly Blake-Plock, Co-Founder, President and CEO of Yet Analytics in conversation with Stephen Downes. Yet Analytics says it will allow you to “Visualize all your learning and performance data in real time with the Yet xAPI LRS [Learning Record Store]. Use the analytics dashboard to measure learning activity, resource use, and engagement showing the impact of your learning investment, evaluate the effectiveness of learning resources, and connect your learning initiatives directly to performance outcomes.”

I am still figuring most of this out – I think it is important that we talk early and often about privacy and ethics as this business kicks into high gear. It does seem something that Learning Analytics companies are doing (that is until one of them doesn’t). Just weeks after Zuckerberg sold our country out the Russians, he announced that he had some privacy education initiatives he was going to roll out.

Great question from @MCorbettWilson: “Any philosophers or ethicists involved in the #IEEE xAPI report? What were the demographics of the group creating the report?” #el30

Vahid Masrour @vahidm “The conversation with @BlakePlock indicates that educators and education admins will have to become increasingly familiar with #datagovernance and #privacy.”

A copy of the report is here with a list of the contributors: https://www.tagxapi.org/ieee-technical-report/

“Immutable data” somewhat like Blockchain.

I will have more to write about this over the week-end. It is ironic that I just presented on some of my privacy concerns here on this blog while I was at the NW eLearning Conference.

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