Summer with the Village People


How cool is it that we get identity cards here! And they only cost two units!

I have decided to take a summer job in The Village as a resident Philatelest in the Post Office. I am not sure how long I will be here. I was told that it might be 8 weeks but that it could be much longer or much shorter depending on what kind of “information” I was willing to help them out with. I like being helpful; everyone does right? I am hoping to offer some stamps to my fellow Villagers as my artistic skills increase in DS 106. Be seeing you.


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  1. Welcome, Geoff ‘The Postie’!
    Every village needs one and we look forward to seeing your Village Stamp creations this summer. Just so long as you remember the it is the helpful disposition that will keep you on the ‘right’ side and not bring you to the hospital to visit me. I am also vey helpful to those who remember our friendly village needs us all to conform. The Village Shrink

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