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AI: An “F” for Fake

I have been playing with voice cloning to try and get a sense of where the technology is and how it can be used in instructional design. There are a number of moral and legal issues with voice cloning, of … Continue reading

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NWeLearn: Using Gamefication to Increase Engagement

Last week, I was at the North West eLearning Conference in Eugene, OR. I highly recommend the conference. What I like about it most is that there are usually few presentations by vendors and a lot of sessions by teachers … Continue reading

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#prisoner106: Better Philately Than Never

Spent an amazingly productive evening at home: made bread, yogurt, put away laundry, watched the episode “Living in Harmony,” AND learned how to really use layers in GIMP. I thought I was going to be cute and make actual postage … Continue reading

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#prisoner106: Once More, with Feeling!

Each episode of The Prisoner begins with the story of the arrival. I think that it is important because it is the central myth that informs what ever happens next. No matter how wild or ludicrous what might happen next, … Continue reading

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ds106: Open Pedagogy or Personality Cult?

I think it is important to talk about why DS 106 is successful as a class. In some online conversations, the question has come up over whether or not the course can be reproduced elsewhere or not. As an instructional … Continue reading

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prisoner106: Book Cover Assignment

Although my favorite writer of books about TV shows is the inimitable Peggy Herz of “All About Rhoda” and “The Truth About Fonzie” fame, Paul W. Fairman, of the Partridge Family novels, is a close second. He also wrote pulp … Continue reading

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prisoner106: Education Hypecycle in The Prisoner

Being a Director of Academic Technology, how can I not love the episode “The General”? This episode has everything: a crazy professor, an education fad, extreme B.F. Skinnerisms, a “Trust Me” sign, and crazy Old School Tie outfits complete with … Continue reading

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prisoner106: Some Thoughts on Spy Shows of the 60s

I was born in 1961 and grew up watching a lot of spy shows. Spies were everywhere: Saturday morning cartoons included “Secret Squirrel and Morocco Mole,” Mad Magazine featured “Spy vs Spy,” and we watched “I Spy,” “Get Smart,” “Mission: … Continue reading

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ds106: Audio Driven Story-Telling and Some Episode Notes

Audio in The Prisoner One of the interesting things about The Prisoner is how much the audio informs what we are seeing. The quaint old-fashioned feel to the village is contrasted with the hygienic, vacuumed sealed, slick mechanical sound of … Continue reading

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Prisoner106: Animated GIFs

I have not made animated GIFs since the late 90’s and early 2000’s. It is strange that they seem to be making a comeback. I will admit – the whole process of choosing what to capture and why, what tools … Continue reading

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