#prisoner106: Better Philately Than Never

Talky Tina Stamp

Q. What did the envelope say to the stamp? A. Stick with me and we’ll go places

Spent an amazingly productive evening at home: made bread, yogurt, put away laundry, watched the episode “Living in Harmony,” AND learned how to really use layers in GIMP. I thought I was going to be cute and make actual postage stamps at a number of sites that allow you to actually upload art and make real postage. That was funny. Zazzle sent me an email and asked “What does ‘Questions are a burden to others’ mean and why would you want it on a stamp?” I tried to play cute and said that it was ironically satyrical or something like that. In the end, they decided that it was a copyright issue, but I was impressed that it was a philosophical or political issue first. So that means I am making my own based on my experiences in the course. I have been using GIMP for years (Gnu Image Manipulation Program) but only for quick edits and resizes – I rarely go under the hood for anything which is why I am in this class. I like GIMP because it is open source. I also can’t stand what a resource hog everything Adobe is.

I found a vintage postage stamp that I liked and removed the text from it by cutting and pasting a selection from the stamp. I used the Village font and made that layer 40% opaque to pick up the texture in the layer beneath. I yoinked a picture of Talky Tina from her blog, resized it, drag and dropped it into a layer and applied the “Canvas” filter to it, and made it black and white. In the future, I will try to match the dark purple I think. Any way, I learned a lot about GIMP tonight.

The first stamp is a “Talky Tina” stamp (first issue, exceedingly rare). It costs only one work-unit, and as with all the postage stamps I will be issuing in the Village, they are for local delivery only. Collect them all. Be seeing you.

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5 Responses to #prisoner106: Better Philately Than Never

  1. iamTalkyTina says:

    Well, it is nice that you made a stamp for me. And that it is, of course, a special rare limited edition, like me!

    Plus, it is also an assignment for 2 Credit Units if you tag it right for the ds106 Goes Postal. You can read the instructions how to tag it so that it goes on the special assignment page for everyone to see. I will be watching to see that you tag it correctly.

    Well, bye!

    Plus, did you apply to be a True Friend of me yet?

  2. iamTalkyTima says:

    Oh, well, that is probably just a little glitch that I will take care of maybe I didn’t get all my mail forwarded to The Village like it should be because I am all about Friends and get on those applications as soon as I see them, even though my True Friend Doctor @VivienRolf had a bit of a little wait until That David made a good point. Plus, I know Ron is waiting. So I had better check my Web Form. In case there is a bunch.

  3. iamTalkyTina says:

    Hello, True Friend Geoff!!

    Congratulations on being accepted as a True Friend and for being awarded your very own badge. You can download your badge from my True Friends Index page and post it with pride right here on your very own web site for all the world to see!

    Again, congratulations, and remember, don’t use the Mean Word. TDLTMW.

    Now make some Art, bub!

    Your True Friend,

  4. iamTalkyTina says:

    Plus, up above there is a comment from someone name iamTalkyTima. That was actually me, but it was just a spelling mistake. Oops.

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