Brief Notes on Issues Around ChatGPT

Here are some quick notes around issues around ChatGPT:

  1. Lack of corporate transparency from the mis-named Open AI (Silicon Republic)
  2. Ethical issues around labor practices with Open AI (Time)
  3. Difficulties with attribution (Duke University)
  4. Unresolved copyright issues (Bloomberg Law)
  5. Spreading misinformation (NY Times)
  6. Biased and discriminatory responses (UNESCO)
  7. Privacy and ethical concerns (Wired)
  8. Produces poor writing that can teach bad habits (The Atlantic)
  9. A turn towards learning as product instead of a process (requiring thinking and creating)
  10. The carbon footprint is horrendous (MIT Review)
  11. We are not looking at open source alternatives (Tech Talks)
  12. There is no vetting beyond buying into the hype cycle
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2 Responses to Brief Notes on Issues Around ChatGPT

  1. MLE says:

    FYI – the link for 8 (The Atlantic) is actually for the Bloomberg article (4).

    • geoffcain says:

      Thanks! I fixed it. I have a longer post coming that has actually better sources – this was just my notes for whining at a state meeting 🙂

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