Mastodon and a Sense of Community

Detail from Mastodon by Heinrich Harder.

This is just a quick update on my experiences moving from Twitter to Mastodon. I am very happy with my move out of the Twitter dumpster fire. At first, it was a real shock pulling myself out of the dozen or so communities in Twitter. I was not too happy in Twitter though, too much corporate open-washing, hate speech, “experts” with something to sell, etc., and I found that the “communities” were so big that the commercial interests wound up having the biggest voice. I was finding it harder to “hear” the voices I came there to hear, and it was too unwieldy to really engage in any meaningful way. At best, it would connect me to spaces where one could interact with others. All the reasons I was staying sounded lame and a little Stockholm-Syndrome-ish. The one thing I am finding in Mastodon that I was not finding in Twitter is intention. The folks I am connecting with in Mastodon really want community and a more depth to their engagement. I would trade a dozen of those encounters for a thousand forgotten Twitter followers any day. Also, the Mastodon folks seem to be reviving the blogosphere. It feels like we are taking the conversation around education back!

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