MOOC Links from NGLC Presentation

This in from Friend-of-the-Blog, Bosha Struve:

If you are interested these were pulled out of the chat window from the webinar…
Additional URL’s from Chat:
·         Edward R. O’Neill, USC: I analyzed one MOOC lecture, and then argued it wasn’t supportive of learning. Here’s the analysis:
·         Edward R. O’Neill, USC: And this is my argument about when lectures don’t support learning well–strictly FYI.
·         Kelvin Bentley:
·         Francisca Yonekura: I’m currently participating in the game based learning mooc
·         Ben Harwood: E-learning and Digital Cultures – Coursera
Starts in Jan ’13
·         Amy Collier, Stanford: Sam, take a look at George’s blog:
·         Betzi – UMass Boston: @Audrey – Wiley covers it in his openness in edu course
·         Carie Page, EDUCAUSE Help: October 8th – November 16th
·         @injenuity: There are some names of edtech startup funders in the right column on this list
·         Geoff Cain: Massive list of MOOC resources:
·         Gerry McK / Iowa State University: I curate a blog titled _Alt-Ed_ that is “devoted to documenting significant initiatives relating to Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), digital badges, and similar alternative educational projects.” _Alt-Ed_ is located at
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