NWeLearn: Birds of a Feather – Professional Development

Notes from the group of administrators and faculty talking about professional development. Lack of tangential thinking completely my own. Thoughts may settle during shipping:

Birds of a Feather

Anna Sholz
Shannon Riggs
Tuba Kayaarasi-Rodriguez
Linda Samek
Debby Espinor
Kathryn Linder
Nina Fox

We discussed faculty professional development. Shannon Riggs is experimenting already with the unconference model for professional development. George Fox runs a survey to gather the strengths and weaknesses of the faculty and have them present.

There is an online QA course at Portland Community College.

Kathryn: Keep events in multiple modalities.

Debby: We should be sharing these and giving professional credit or badges.

Consortium of professional developers – colleges in Boston coordinated their PD and monetized it. Crowdsourcing the events.

Debby: How do we get faculty to attend things? Each university is getting together people who do this well – but we need to create a hub of PD.

Linda would like a subscription based website that gives regular updates.

Kathryn: We need a champion, a board, an organization.

Coordination was the key. There were campus reps in Boston. They chose relevant topics – “How to engage in social media” etc.

Annual breakfast to talk about academic leadership.

Saturday morning breakfast seems to work. Cook bacon and they will come.

Regional speaker network. Virtual speakers bureau.

Master Minds Group – everyone who is an X comes together to share resources.

Cohort based model – the group decides their own priorities. How do you build your network?

Nina: University of Oregon has a learning group on Active Teaching and Learning – collaboration between academic affairs and depts.

Linda: Students speak to faculty – video sessions by students who talk about what helps them learn and what are the barriers. Paul Andersen teaches religious studies and Twitter and Facebook changed the way he teaches.

They also had students talk about how race impacted their learning in the classroom.
Nina: Her campus does a pre-course survey and mid-term assessment. Pre-course is a needs assessment that asks what support they need to get through their course.

Each semester they will open classrooms for faculty to sit in and see how other classes are run.

Nina: Created a faculty panel to talk about what they are doing with their online and hybrid courses in Canvas.

Peter Felten: Engaging Student Partners


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