NWeLearn: Limitless Education: Is Open Source an Option?

Bell tower at Oregon State University.

Bell tower at Oregon State University. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Limitless Education: Is Open Source an Option?

Tamara Mitchell, Assistant Director Career Success Center at Oregon State University / Arkansas State University Mountain Home / Western Oregon University
Brian Daigle, Center for Academic Innovation at Western Oregon University
Alexis Terell, Undergraduate Pathway Associate Program Manager at Oregon State University
Craig Geffre, Division of International Programs at Oregon State University
Jennifer Kepka, Linn-Benton Community College

Open Source tools are reducing barriers and encouraging innovation among higher education faculty, staff, and administrators. Engage with a panel of higher education professionals to learn about the latest trends in OS, discover useful software and content available for immediate use in classrooms and campuses, and participate in a discussion that will record your voice as part of the larger OS community online.

Some of the tools looked at:

I think we should have started with a definition of Open Source. They seemed to deride the idea of something being “philosophically open.”

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