OER:  Matrix Algebra with Computational Applications 

This just in from Regina Gong via the Internets. I am particularly interested in interactive, openly-licensed math textbooks and materials:
Cover of Matrix Algebra with Computational Applications

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all are having a great almost weekend.

I’m here to announce yet another excellent OER from our MSU Libraries OER Program. It is called Matrix Algebra with Computational Applications by Dr. Dirk Colbry.

All of the OER materials that Dirk has created are provided as Jupyter notebooks, which are open-source tools that integrate multiple resources (websites, word processors, LaTeX, math, and programming) into a digital notebook. The OER were developed specifically for students and instructors working in a flipped classroom model. This means that hands-on problem-solving activities are done during class meetings, with students watching lectures and completing readings and assignments outside of the class. You will find a link to Dirk’s website as a button in the Pressbooks page. And like what Dirk mentioned in his website, if you are an educator and want to adopt his OER along with other instructor resources, please feel free contact him at colbrydi@msu.edu.

This brings our total OER publications to ten so far and I couldn’t be more elated. You all know that we are working on many more to contribute to the open education community so please watch out. 

Thanks everyone and I hope you share widely with your colleagues.

Regina Gong

This ticks off the boxes for a lot of things I am interested in: Pressbooks, Jupyter Notebooks, and teaching math. If you know of similar projects or materials, feel free to contact me or comment below. Thanks!

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